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Full List of the Petition Signatures

Greetings Everyone,

Here is the total for the paper petition that is circulating.

So far we have collected 919 signatures and counting!

I would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you” from Skylar’s mother to all the stores and people for their support and who helped to gather the signatures, and most of all to everyone who signed Skylar’s petition to repair Felton Empire Grade Rd. by installing more guardrails and reflectors to make it safe for all who drive, bike, and walk on this road.

Also, like I promised I have kept everyone’s names, signatures, and addresses private. We are still collecting and accepting signatures.

As of Feb 5th, 2010 civil complaint has been filed against the State of California, and The County of Santa Cruz, that states “My son, Skylar Feather was killed in a motor vehicle accident due to negligent road design and maintenance.”

Please stay tuned for further details.


Skylar Feather   

To The County of Santa Cruz, State of California, Cal-trans and who it may concern,


We the undersigned support the installation of more guardrails on Felton Empire Grade Rd to continue the already existing guardrail  at .7 mile Felton Empire Grade Rd that stops just .1 tenth mile before the dangerous cliff where Skylar Feather died and other drivers have gone off the road before.

Skylar’s Senior Exit Portfolio PamphletPeition_files/SkylarPamflet2.pdf